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Nozzle Talkers

The Original

The Nozzle Talker, created and patented by M&M in 1989, is by far the most effective signage element at the Gas Pump, why because it literally puts an advertised message right in the customer's hand.  The contoured vinyl Nozzle Talker, easily slips over the OEM nozzle to create a customer seamless presentation.


Changeable Messaging

The clear cap that accompanies the nozzle accepts a printable massage.  The cap and message can they be stretched over the boot creating a waterproof seal.  The cap can be removed and the messaged changed to fit your need. 

Product Options


The original Nozzle Talker covers hold either a 3" square or 3" X 4" Horseshoe shaped plastic sign/message.  A clear plastic cap secures the message to the nozzle cover. The cap can be removed when changing or adding a new message. 

Color Options

The Nozzle Talkers are available in a variety of in stock colors for branding and identification. 

Black - Red - Green - Yellow - Blue


  • Product Specials

    • Coffee Promotions

    • Breakfast Deals

    • Soda

    • Ice

  • Services

    • Lottery Gaming 

    • Car Wash Deals 

    • Oil Changes and Maintenance

    • ATM

  • Safety

    • No Smoking

    • Stay at the pump while fueling

    • Turn off engine before pumping

    • Replace nozzle before leaving

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