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As businesses, schools and stores are reopening, it’s vitally important to create a safe environment for employees, students and customers.


Having visual reminders to practice good hygiene and social distancing is critical to creating that safe environment. M&M is here to help you choose the right solutions that fit your unique situation. Whether you need floor decals, directional signs, or safety partitions we can produce the affordable custom solutions that you need.

Acrylic Barrier.jpg

Protective Barriers

Help protect your customers, clients, students and staff with clear barriers that reinforce social distancing. These are available in a variety of different sizes and configurations and are fully customizable with the ability to add your logo or message.

Covid Graphics.jpg

Social Distance Graphics

Our highly visible social distancing signs and floor decals are designed to help keep customers, students and staff as safe as possible with minimal interruption to your operations. These signs and decals can be used to direct traffic, keep proper distancing and communicate other important safety messages.

Face Sheild (1).jpg

Face Shields

Our face shields are comfortable and adjustable, perfect for medical and emergency personnel, sanitary, food service, industrial assembly, retail staff, and other essential employees that need to stay safe while supporting their communities. The face can be tilted back so you can eat or drink without removing the shield.

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